Site Information System
Best way to collect your data. No more excel!

Our handy solution for data collection, management and presentation comes in play at geological, hydrogeological, remediational and ... other localities, helping you to manage your data quickly, effectively and clearly. No more hours spent by rewriting or calculating your data.

We are gonna solve a lot of problems for you. Just look!

  • Centralization and system archiving of data and information from localities
  • Comprehensive collection and management of site data (technical and technological information, spatial location, analysis, measurement, map data, etc.)
  • Data import from external data files (for example from laboratories) and their control
  • On-line and off-line availability of information and data
  • Unifying the format of data and information from different sources and from different people
  • Creating trends, map data, exports for GIS, maps with spatial identification
  • Criteria evaluation of objects (boreholes) and displaying ratings in reports and maps
  • Accesses data based on assigned roles. E.g. making a limited set of site data available to external collaborators or contracting authorities






What can we offer?

  • Unification, structuring and centralization of data from geological, hydrogeological and remediational sites.
  • Online and offline availability of measured and derived site data
  • General and native data reporting
  • Graphic presentation of site data (trends, interpretation in "Google maps")
  • Controlled data sharing between system users
  • Controlled access to data based on roles
  • Scalability of the solution (user-friendly style of data access for sites of different size and amount of data)

How do we do it? This is our architecture!

  • Client application - SIS application on PC / NTB enabling full access to data, even in offline mode
  • Synchronization DB server- storage of synchronized (that means valid) data at any time
  • Web services - mediate the communication of the synchronization database with the client or web application
  • Web application - allows online access to synchronized data as well as administration of SIS users and roles

Are you interested?

Do not hesitate to contact us! Our experienced team of experts will advise you which solution might suit you and prepare it exactly how you need it.

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